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Additional background information on the Parenting Montana tools.

Parenting-Process for Your Childs Success Photo

Parenting Process for Your Child's Success

Explore a step by step process for dealing with simple and challenging parenting topics to build critical life skills and improve your relationship with your child.

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Intentional Communication Photo

Intentional Communication

Learn how to communicate in a purposeful way with your child to support and enhance your relationship.

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Intentional Ways to Grow a Healthy Parenting Relationship Photo

Intentional Ways to Grow a Healthy Parenting Relationship

Discover ways to promote a healthy parenting relationship with your child.


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Social and Emotional Development Photo

Social and Emotional Development

Learn the importance of developing social and emotional skills for your child’s success throughout life.

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My Child is Growing Up Photo

My Child is Growing Up!

Understand how your role in shaping your child’s development will evolve as your child matures and how, as a parent, you can adapt your skills to meet the changing needs of your child.

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Healthy Risk Taking Photo

Healthy Risk Taking

Learn how to support healthy risk-taking and help your child avoid taking unhealthy risks.

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Why Teens Shouldn't Drink Alcohol

Gain insight into the consequences of alcohol use, reasons to delay, and specific strategies you can implement to avoid underage drinking.

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Alcohol-and-the-Teenage-Brain Photo

Alcohol and the Teenage Brain

Discover the consequences of underage drinking, the impact of alcohol on the developing teenage brain, and your role as a parent in delaying their use of alcohol.

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Underage-Drinking-What Does the Law Say Photo

Underage Drinking: What Does the Law Say?

Understand the underage drinking laws in Montana and learn about scenarios that you, as a parent, might encounter.

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Is My Child Drinking? What Do I Do? Photo

Is My Child Drinking? What Do I Do?

Explore signs and symptoms of alcohol use, ways to talk with your child about concerns, and options you have for getting your child help.

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Discipline for Skill Building Photo

Discipline for Skill Building

Learn how your discipline practices can build your child’s skills.


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Logical Consequences Photo

Logical Consequences

Teach responsible decision-making skills by following through with logical consequences.

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Connect with other Montana parents about underage drinking and drugs at LetsFaceItMt.com.

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